When I get washed by the flames of the fires of hell,

When all burns down and all there's left is death and ashes on the ground.

Like a phoenix I shall  arise,

free from sin and free from lies,

I shall revive, as the part of me that never dies.



Lay myself Down

When the night falls

and the wind howls

And the moon in the sky

draws tears from my eyes


I lay myself down

When the fires on my feet

draws blood from my cheeks


 and all parts of me

want to run fast and flee  

I lay myself down


When I’m down and alone 

and I’m furthest from home

and all life has vanished

from my head to my crown


I lay myself down


Down on the ground

Where I’m safe and I’m sound

In the wide open space

where all sorrows and pains

are washed from my veins.






'Hold Fast'

'In the eye of the storm,
when tears fall like rain,
and your heart feels heavy,
like a ship sinking under.

Hold on to me,
sink deep in the ground with me,
far from the shore and anchored down under,
I will breathe in new life,
like the striking of thunder'

© Claudia Hek 2017

‘A tale of a Mermaid’

“He was a sailor, lost at sea,
she was a siren from down deep

She had a tale to tell and he had songs to sing.

From shore to shore in search for land,
no hand to hold, no feet to stand,
they roamed the seas and slept on sand.

On the night they met, the moon shined bright,
and when the stars came out, it let their worlds subside.

And while they kissed hello and kissed goodbye,
he lit a spark that gave her wings to fly.

Now with fire in her eyes and feet to stand,
She lives on land and roars the skies,
telling tales of sin and spreading light….”

© Claudia Hek 2014



‘With my heart in my hands and a hole that’s plundered,

I’m looking at the stars and I humbly wonder,

Do I put it behind bars, or have it struck by thunder?’


“Brick by brick, like a lighthouse I was built.

And from the ground on which I stand,

I’m watching over seas and watching over lands.

Like a lighthouse.

Far sighted and broadminded,

I see but I keep silent.

Like a lighthouse.

I bravely stand through smoke and fires,

to light up the dark and offer you guidance.

Like a lighthouse.

Through storms and tides, I run nor hide,

I just stand and shine my light.

Like a lighthouse”


“As time flies by and angels sigh,

Dreams withdraw through hearts that shatter,

through a love we lost, a love that mattered,

they’re washed away like fallen feathers.”


A shake and a shiver

in dreams and in quiet

they silently whisper.

Come take on a journey

to the deep darkest corners

where the key to the door

and the entrance to all is.

There where sparks in the darkness

like kisses from starlets

will light up the fires

of your heart’s desires.

Let go of your fears and let go of resistance

Surrender to all and dive deep in existence

Through the storms and through fires

stay bravely and silent,

For the wild and courageous

can escape from their cages


“With my heart in my hands and hummers humming songs of wonderlands.

There’s a light that shines inside me.

A light that loves and always guides me.

Through my darkest nights I hear it’s call.

You who walk in love will conquer all”



She was a runaway

but she never got away

from all the hurt and all the pain

that stained her life

and laid her down to pray

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